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A Community of Rambunctious Scholars Celebrating People
Who Have Made Lifesaving Discoveries And Encouraging
Students and Politicians to Read 1000 Science Stories!

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Welcome to Read 1000 Science Stories. Each day we search the web to bring you three short science stories that can be read in 6-minutes. They range from the newest discoveries to the weird and fun - whatever inspires curiosity because eagerness stimulates learning, which increases intelligence!

How 6-Minute Science Works
Three stories are presented each day, taking around six minutes to read all three.
Once you log on, click on any story link on the front page. When you have read the story, click the Read it! button.  This adds another story to the running count of the number of stories you have read.
If you want to read more, additional stories are available throughout the website. Just look for the Read It! Buttons.
There is a limit of 10 that will be added to your tally each day. We place a limit so that you will comprehend and think about the stories you read.
It’s that simple.

The philosophy behind Reading 1000 Science Stories
Just as an athlete trains his or her body, anyone can train their brain. Quickly reading stories over many days effortlessly trains your brain about science.

Read more details about our philosophy here:  What is 6-Minute Science?

How To Get Started
1) The easiest way to start is for your teacher to sign you up.
2) Or you can sign up by yourself here: Registration

The Best Part of Learning – Awards
Once you have read 100, 300, 600 or 1,000 stories, you are eligible for awards. The beautiful award certificates were designed by our artist, Jeremy Mauney. You can freely download and print them as award certificates that you can proudly display.

More Fun on the Site
1) We are the originators of the coolest science quiz game on the planet! Watch the wheels spin on Wheels of Knowledge:
Wheels of Knowledge

2) Create your own science cartoon on War of the Sciences
War of the Sciences (this application is not working atm)

3) Our site was built to celebrate lifesaving scientists. Even though these scientists have had more impact upon civilization than any other people, many are completely unknown. We have sprinkled many extra Read It buttons throughout their pages, providing lots of additional story credits. See the Lifesavers page: Lifesavers